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Pin Up Perfection Magazine [20 Nov 2010|12:15am]

Just playing catch up! Check out our 8 fabulous issues!
Don't forget we are always looking for new content, send submissions to pinupperfectionmagazine@yahoo.com

We are also accepting ads for Issue 5, check out our ad page

Issue 1

Issue 2

Car Cruise

In the Kitchen

Issue 3


Issue 4

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New Photos sets on my Uglyshyla.com site. [13 Jul 2009|03:32pm]

I have some new photos up on my site Uglyshyla.com by Alas Vera see all the fully clothed wonders that get banned by myspace.Myspace for some reason can see my dirty pillows even when they are covered.
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Seeking artists, models, photographers and writers [19 Apr 2009|11:12pm]

Firstly I apologize if this isn't permitted. It's not spam, it's reaching out to others in the community with similar interests. We are in the works putting together a retro, pin up, vintage, burlesque magazine with a modern twist. We are currently seeking artists, writers, photographers and models interested in submitting work for our publication. Photos, stories, poetry, articles, interviews, product reviews, fashion/make up tips, art work and anything else that pertains to our theme is needed. We encourage models of all shapes and sizes as well as colors and styles to submit work. To find out more and information about submitting a piece please check out our temporary website.

So this post isn't just text...Collapse )
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[16 Apr 2009|06:09pm]


Vote for Keke Noir!!!
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No Entry and other shots by Alas Vera. [08 Apr 2009|01:20pm]

Model : Me/Ugly Shyla Photos by Alas Vera http://www.myspace.com/veraellen1
No Entry.No how,no way,Not even with the jaws of life.Not like anybody would WANT to get in there.LOL
Family Portrait of me with my work.
A few other shots
More pic's behind the cut.Read moreCollapse )
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LovePinkAngels.com Fans Group [30 Jul 2008|10:44pm]

 Hello we are new here,and we would like to meet gentle and kind people with constructive ideas or thinkins that will be welcome,we love and believe in another concept of erotica very far from SG, photography quality .You can judge for yourself.

Wanna join our group and meet us??? 

This journal was made with the end of keeping reported the no spanish speakers.

We also hate comparations.

*This is not the official Pink Angels livejournal,we are only a group of Fans.



Baboom - Perlado Delirio

Baboom por Sú! 禅.

Atomic- Ruda Y Desnuda

 Atomic - Ruda y Desnuda por Pink.Angels.

Kabuki - PA-DP 4 life 

Kabuki por Sú! 禅.

Maniquí - Cítrica Erótica

Pink Angels por musa_de_lirio.

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SG survey [05 Nov 2007|12:45pm]

This community looks like it's been dead for a bit, but if anybody's still around... I'm doing a project for my Research Methods in Anthro class on feminine beauty/attractiveness, and we're surveying Suicide Girls members or enthusiasts. Anyone interested? I can email it to you or you can just do it anonymously on my journal.


It's now much neater and at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=_2fnHfocb8laGPi2EuuaBspw_3d_3d

If this is too spammish, just let me know.
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[12 Aug 2006|01:12pm]

I'm new here. =)
My name is Melinda and I am 18 from Colorado.
I thought I would post a picture of myself so you can get to know me better.
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[10 Apr 2006|03:12am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this community is exclusive.

we don't accept just anybody.

you think you've got what it takes? lets find out...
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thought you might like this site?! awesome pinup clothing! [26 Mar 2006|12:09pm]

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It's a sad day, but I knew it would come [18 Mar 2006|08:24am]

The site's down. Not sure when it happened, but it was down before it was suspended for billing; but while the shell was still there I could hope that somehow it would pick up while I ignored its desolate existence and flourish into the community it promised to become. It's sad because there were some really incredible artist there and I saw some things that changed the way I look at photography.
What a shame.
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[18 Aug 2005|03:58pm]

Has anyone heard about the new DVD from the Suicide Girls? I hear its being put out by epitaph records. It's supposed to be a documentery about the SG's first burlesque tour with some of their live performances, behind the scenes stuff, and tour antics. It should be interesting! There are a lot of great indie bands on there too. Has anyone heard anything else about this DVD?
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new [05 Jun 2005|02:53pm]

Hi im new. Photos will come very soon. looking at lots of your photos i think some of you would be perfect for my community, come and join, what have you got to lose?
Join cherry_cunts community:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[21 Jun 2005|05:03am]

I'm new.

SHAZAM.Collapse )
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[05 May 2005|03:54pm]

I have a deep interest in the world of pinup and burlesque. I just got done with a semester in Staging American Women: Burlesque, where my final project was to do a pinup calendar. It was just an amazingly liberating experience and fun too. I was just wondering now that I'm back in the NYC area, if there was something I should check out or if there were any events to see in the area.
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[15 Apr 2005|06:05pm]


Hi I'm sorta new to this community. Here's a pic of me anyway, so you all know who i am!

Talk to you all soon. xxoo

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here goes nothing [12 Apr 2005|11:50pm]


well this is my first post here a lil taste of....ME!



masterbationCollapse )
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> hello [27 Dec 2004|09:28pm]

[ mood | content ]

hello. Im kinda new... been a member of deviousgirls.com
since septermber 2004, just never thought about joining the livejournal community. so yeah, my name is cassi. Im 18. from uk. feel free to add me to your friends. :) and I'll be posting up some shoots of mine soon. heres a general picture of me on my crappy webcam for now:

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Tattoo Book Responses...Please read [21 Dec 2004|01:55pm]

Someone posted in response to my survey this comment. I am not going to name this person, though if she wants to identify herself she surely can. I am very pleased she commented in this vein, as the criticism I've taken for this survey has been very harsh. The responses I've gotten so far (wel over 200) have been wonderful, but I want to address the criticisms.

She wrote:

well i am very concerned about this survey and what effect it is going to have on the mainstream.... for many year we (modded peeps) have been trying to be accepted in the mainstream, to get better jobs to get better pay to get better services and not be looked down on for our mods...i fear if this book comes out it is going to hurt a lot in our culture/community of body modification....it will set back our struggle for acceptance a century at least....and just what is heavily modified? i think that is in the eye of the beholder/viewer...even tho i am an older educated woman who is 2/3 covered in ink and over 19 piercings...i do not think of myself as "heavily" modified....i never did self harm to my knowledge...and dont look at tattooing or modifyng my body as self harm.... very concerned about the outcome of this book...sure you may help a few women with this book but overALL i think you will be doing a disservice to the community of body modifications...

Please read my lengthy response after the cut, and please respond with your own thought. I am so serious about this project, and I want it to be right. Any help and constructive criticism is welcomed. The only hurtful things that have been said to me have included name-calling and stuff like that, but these things are easily ignored. I will never ignore conscientious criticism Read more...Collapse )
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Tattoo/piercing survey for women [18 Dec 2004|10:36pm]

x-posted to any community interested in tattoos, piercing, self injury, or suicide girls

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Susan Swan; I'm a
professor of English at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. I am/was a self injurerer. This survey asks very personal questions, so please feel free to backchannel me your answers if you would rather do so; my email is: swans@marshall.edu

I am also a very heavily tattooed woman. Here's a link to my back:

http://www.vyvyn.com/melissa-back.html -- Melissa Thompson is my
artist, and she works with Vyvyn Lazonga, one of the very first
female tattoo artists along withy Gypsy Jill and Pat Fish.

Anyway, I"ve been wanting to do research on moderate to heavily tattooed and pierced women
My premise is that many heavily tattooed women were once self-injurers of some type -- that
is, they cut themselves, were addicted to drugs, gambling, spending,
or nicotine, had suicidal thoughts, or caused themselves physical pain
in other ways. My hypothesis is that these women "cure" their
self-injury tendencies by inscribing their body with beauty/pain. The
title of the book will be "From Pain to Beauty: Heavily Tattooed
Women and Inscripted Resistance" or something like that.

For a definition of self-injury followed by the survey, read on: Read more...Collapse )
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